Belle Harbor Annual Beach Clean-up!

Saturday, May 7th residents in Belle Harbor came out to assist in the cleaning of the beaches. This year the Belle Harbor Property Owners tackled the planting of shrubs in the newly constructed sidewalk planters by the beach entry areas. Four blocks from Beach 138th to 141st Street were planted. Many individuals pitched in with the planting effort.  Linda Benigno, Vice President, BHPOA coordinated the beach cleanup with the Parks Department. Linda also worked with Marge MaCarthey from the garden club to select the plants for the beach wall planters.

The cost of planting, installation of drip hoses (where feasible), and ongoing maintenance of the planters within the Belle Harbor area is being paid for by the Belle Harbor Property Owners Association.  A number of home owners whose homes abut the baffle wall by the entry area have agreed to provide water for the drip hose that will be installed in the planter on their block.  If we find that we are unable to find a water source on a particular block we ask that residents on the block fine an alternate way to water the plants.

Thanks goes out to New York Asphalt, Inc. for seeing that the completed planters received top soil for our planting event.  Thanks to A. Visconti, Inc. at the Brooklyn Terminal Market for supplying us with the plants at a reasonable price. Thanks to Ianni Landscaping for their help on preparing the planters and planting in each location.

Key people that have pitched in to help with this event are Linda and Lou Benigno, John Signorelli, Marge McCarthy, Peter Larkin, Paul & Margaret King.

We are approaching the forth anniversary of Hurricane Sandy. Resiliency is not just a buzz word that people through around lightly in our community. The entire Rockaway Peninsular has taken action and is making our resiliency effort a reality. Many homes have been repaired or rebuilt in our community. It is encouraging to see the resurgence of our community and all of Rockaway. It has not been easy; collaboration with city agencies can sometimes be difficult.  Keeping open communication is essential in getting the job done. The BHPOA has developed a good working relationship with the Department of Transportation and the Department of Design and Construction dealing with the beach block street and sidewalk repair project. We look forward to our continued collaborative effort and the successful completion of this project.

Hank Iori, President BHPOA