Additional Beach Trash Containers

The following is an email that BHPOA 1st Exec. V.P. sent the our Queens County Parks Commission regarding the need for additional trash containers on the beach from B127th – B149th.

Dear Queens Parks & Recreation Commissioner Mr. Dockett,  

Hope you and your staff had wonderful Holidays and looking forward to the New Year.   

It came to our attention by many community beach goers that they have observed the need for additional Trash Containers for the beaches from B127th to B149th Streets.  Because of the increase of residents and visitors enjoying the beach and ocean, it has caused an increase of trash and disposable items (upon there leaving the beach).  We have observed the overflowing of trash containers and trash lying on the beach sand and some of it entering the waters.  This has become unsightly, an increased environmental issue and possibly a hazard. 

To best prevent as much as possible the overflowing of trash, please allocate additional beach trash containers for B127th to B149th Street Entrances and Beach.  We like to see the additional trash containers supplied before the opening of the beach season. 

If you would like to discuss this further, please let us know. Thank you, 

John A. Signorelli

1st Exec. V.P.

Belle Harbor Property Owners Assoc.