Mobi Mats for B127th to B149th Streets

The following is an email that BHPOA 1st Exec. V.P. sent the our Queens County Parks Commission regarding the placement of Mobi Mats on the beach from B127th to B149th Streets.

Dear Queens Parks & Recreation Commissioner Mr. Dockett,  

An item of concern for the upcoming beach season is having an adequate number of Mobi Mats for placing onto B127th to B149th Streets. These mats are to make beach accessibility and egress easier for persons with difficult mobility and wheel carting.      

Last year your staff quickly responded to filling the Mobi Mat Path voids and we very much appreciated it.  Also, the past year identified the Mayor’s allocation of $200,000 for Mobi Mats for our area was be misapplied.  

The community would like the Mobi Mat topic for the beaches from B127th to B149th Streets addressed before the official beach season opening.   These mats are to be laid from the coral entrances to over the respective Dunes.    

If you would like to discuss this further , please let us know. 

Thank you, 

John A. Signorelli

1st Exec. V.P.

Belle Harbor Property Owners Assoc.