Special Notice Regarding COVID-19

Belle Harbor Neighbors and Friends, I hope you are holding up well during the crisis and that everyone in your family is staying safe and healthy. Please continue to follow the Department of Health’s guidance on how to prevent the spread of the virus.  Social distancing, wearing gloves and frequent hand-washing may be tedious but they will bring this crisis to a close more quickly.There is more we can do as a community. As was the case during Sandy, this crisis touches everyone and I know everyone in Belle Harbor will lend a hand.  Some ways you can be a good neighbor include:

  • Be aware of the people on your block who may need help.  This could be as simple as taking out the garbage for someone who should not be out of the house at this time.  
  • Connect with people who are isolated.  Phone calls and video chats can be a wonderful lifeline.  Young mothers may also appreciate some adult contact. 
  • Deliver groceries to older or at-risk neighbors.  (Leave them on the porch!)  Over-worked health care professionals may appreciate similar support.

To help us accomplish the above, please volunteer to be a block captain.  We need people with block-specific knowledge who can make sure those most at risk are being looked after and to disseminate information on the grass roots level to everyone.  If you are interested, please email Linda Beal-Benigno (lbealbenigno@gmail.com) or Jacqueline Tansey (jtansey415@yahoo.com) for more information about how you can help your neighbors and your neighborhood. 

Separately, the Association has been in touch with local politicians and government officials advocating for a testing center in or near Belle Harbor.  Testing is so important to getting control over the pandemic.  If you have the opportunity to call or write our elected officials, please stress the need for prompt coronavirus testing in Rockaway. 

Finally, please pray for the Knox family.  As you may have read, John succumbed to coronavirus.  Some of his relatives are in quarantine.  May they recover and no one else in our neighborhood experience the full force of coronavirus.  Sincerely, The BHPOA Executive Board 

P.S. The Rockaway Women for Progress have an online petition that stresses Rockaway’s unique needs. (You can sign without donating to Change.org.) 

P.P.S.  A new Rockaway Support Network group has been formed on Facebook.