Dues: $50.00 - July 1st to June 30th Annually

Forward Your Dues to:


P.O. Box 940178

Rockaway Park Station

Rockaway Park, NY 11694


Here are the reasons why you should become a member of the Belle Harbor Property Owners Association.

Dues are the life blood of any civic association. The Belle Harbor Property Owners Association has served our community well for over the last 68 years. Membership is open to Belle Harbor property owners. The Association is comprised of volunteers who contribute their time on behalf of the community. Many hours have been spent on issues such as:

-Protection for our community ( Army Corps of Engineers)

-Replanting trees and shrubs on malls (NYC Department of Parks and Recreation)

-Paying for repair of the sprinkler system on the mall (BHPOA)

-Developing a design for the Beach Access areas of the Beach on our blocks ( Dept. of Transportation, Dept of Design and Construction)

-Meeting regularly with elected officials

-Worked with government agencies to correct lack of appropriate lighting along Beach Channel Drive near Gil Hodges Memorial Bridge

-Voiced strong opposition to the proposed LNG off shore site, and received letter of support from Queens Civic Congress, an umbrella organization of over 110 Queens Communities, with which we continue to collaborate throughout the year. (BHPOA)

-Donated and planted shrubs and trees at PS 114 after Sandy destroyed the landscaping, and presently waiting for Participatory Funding that Councilman Eric Ulrich office is providing to further enhance the garden areas at the school. (BHPOA)

-Our association worked with our elected officials and the School Construction Authority (SCA) to foster improvements at PS 256 including new fencing around the school, removing of a sink hole in playground area, and installation of new concrete sidewalk. (BHPOA) - Ongoing

-Our association meets with the Mayor’s Office of Resiliency and Recovery on issues such a Flood Insurance. (BHPOA)

-Our association works with Build It Back on behalf of our community. (BHPOA)

-Our association is working on obtaining continued status from School Construction Authority (SCA) of the 33 schools having temporary mobile unit boilers.

-Keeping the community up-to-date with issues affecting our neighborhood and the Rockaway community at large with the BHPOA Newsletter sent by email.

Our Association’s mission is to protect and enhance the quality of life in our community. Your dues payment is essential in meeting our mission.

The community you save will be your own.