Special Notice Regarding COVID-19

Belle Harbor Neighbors and Friends, I hope you are holding up well during the crisis and that everyone in your family is staying safe and healthy. Please continue to follow the Department of Health’s guidance on how to prevent the spread of the virus.  Social distancing, wearing gloves and frequent hand-washing may be tedious but they will bring this[…]

October Update

IMPORTANT UPDATES! Thanks goes out to Senator Schumer for writing to the United States Army Corps of Engineers to accelerate storm protection efforts for the Rockaway community. General Todd T. Semonite, has signed the Chief’s Report for the Hurricane Sandy Reformation Study. The next step will take place in Washington where the Assistant Secretary of[…]

Riding Bicycles on Sidewalks

There is a high level of awareness among the community, Parks and Police Depts. about bicycle riding on the Rockaway boardwalk and on streets. However, there appears little attention of safety rules allowing bicycle riding on the sidewalks. Sidewalk bike riding is allowed for children under 13 years of age and bike wheel diameter of less than 26 inches.[…]

Free Program – Live Well – Do Well – Age Well

FREE PROGRAM funding provided by Councilman Eric Ulrich for Rockaway Residents 50+ yrs of age. The National Council on Aging in collaboration with Kingsborough Community College presents: LIVE WELL-DO WELL-AGE WELL This is a 10-week program based on the National Aging Mastery Program designed to offer participants 50+ yrs of age, the skills and tools[…]