Community Committees


Committees are a powerful part of our Association’s arsenal when it comes to improving or protecting quality of life. In addition to ad-hoc committees that address urgent issues, BHPOA has five standing committees that maintain our relationships with the powers that be and brainstorm ideas to make Belle Harbor and even better place to live.

1: Public Safety and Emergency Services
This committee addresses all issues related to Police, Fire, Emergency Management and Park enforcement.

2: Environmental, Beach and Parks
This committee focuses on beach and bay issues, including lifeguards. They also address anything related to Riis Park/Gateway and playgrounds.

3: Homes and Infrastructure
The committee handles all issues regarding zoning, streets/parking, sanitation, sewers and utilities.

4: Member Relations
This committee oversees BHPOA communications and manages new activities like welcoming new homeowners to Belle Harbor and arranging social events. These services enhance our sense of community.

5: Youth Services and Education
This committee addresses any school issues from nursery school through high school. As necessary, it deals with issues regarding childcare, youth sports, etc.

If you are interested in lending your talents to a committee, contact 1st Executive Vice President John Signorelli at .