QPS256 Committee Presentation

PS256Q School

For those not aware, PS256Q is a special school. The school is attended by children needing special needs - from Pre-K to 5th Grade. It has the capacity to enroll about 216 students.

As outdoor and indoor activity was witnessed of the old school building QPS256, the BHPOA formed a sub-committee to address the upcoming Phase 2 - Old building QPS256 Demolition and Construction of a New Playground.

A 9 member sub-committee was formed that is mainly comprised of homeowners adjacent to the demolition site. The Members are Joseph Hutton, Brian Brown, John Esposito, Barbara Epoggioli, Bob Mc Manus, Steven Krett, Jessica Healey, Wayne Miller (co-chair) and myself. I must give special thanks to Robert Schwach (Robby) of Councilman’s Ulrich’s office.

After meeting and discussions among ourselves we then arranged a Zoom meeting with 5 members of the School Construction Authority that was held on October 21st. The SCA was made aware of our concerns and addressed them with information available at the time.

Playground concept

These are the highlights from our discussion:

The principals of PS256 and PS114 are aware of the activity and tentative schedule for the Phase 2 project. Permits are presently being sought and completion is for August, 2023.

1. Work times are from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.
2. It will take 2-3 months for the building demolition
3. PS114’s B136st. entrance is to be closed.
4. Busing for PS256 and PS114 students is to be the same.
5. There are no plans to relocate students
6. Construction access to be through B136 St.
7. One trailer is to be situated in front of the old building on B135 St.
8. On site equipment includes 2 trailers, mobile office, porta John’s, excavators, trucks and pickers.
9. Demolition is to be from the roof downward.
10. Asbestos has been identified in Floor Tiles, Roofing and Waterproof Material in the current building. 11. These are to be abated prior to demolition.
12. Testing has been performed and thus far no evidence of lead or mercury
13. Rodent control will be performed by a contractor knowledgeable on this subject.
14. Soil remediation includes boring tests.
15. Second ramp to be installed at the South side of the new building
16. The type of playground equipment for purchase is ongoing.
17. The Dept. of education playground will be operated after school hours until dark. It will also be at the discretion of the Principal.
18. Trees, 8 foot high fencing and wall to be installed.
19. Meetings with homeowners adjacent to the site are continuing.
20. 24 Hr. security will be provided.

The BH sub-committee will continue to have discussions with the SCA on water drainage, tree locations, and other concerns.

I will take a few questions for the sake of time but you can contact me by e-mail through the BHPOA mailing.

Thank you.


John Signorelli